How to Make a Perfect Gift With Your Crystal Photo Block

If you own a crystal photo of a loved one, you may want to consider a photo collage; this is also referred to as a crystal photo collage. A photo collage is when you take a group of photos and use them to create a piece of art. A good example of this type of collage would be to take a picture of a person who you love and then put their hair in a bun, put the picture of that person with that person in front of a beautiful landscape, then put that person in front of another beautiful landscape. How would that piece of art look? The best part about this type of collage creation is that it’s not complicated at all!

If you already own a crystal photo, now you can order a collage base for it. Note: The collage can only be ordered through the included battery power (EU-plug) or standard AAA batteries. You want to engrave a crystal photo onto your favorite picture, however, you’ve got a disturbing background in your photo? In that case, contact me – I’ll make it a collage on a photo block!

A crystal photo gift is really simple to make. All you need is a photo block (the same size as your crystal photo), a stapler and a ribbon. Wrap the crystal photo block around your photo and staple the edges together. Staple a piece of ribbon on the back of your crystal photo. Now it’s ready to hang!

Some people like to put a collage behind their favourite picture in their house or on their mantle. If this is the case, here is how you would go about putting together a luminous base for a crystal photo collage. Use a luminous base such as an eye-catching fabric, velvet material, ribbon, etc. Take your crystal photo and cut it into pieces. Then put all the pieces together, sew them down, and you have your luminous base for your photo collage.

Now if you’re looking for a nice place to put your crystal photo collage, you can use a photo block that comes in portrait format. If you have a favourite picture that you would like to display on your mantle or in your home (ie your wedding day collage) then this is definitely the way to go. Choose a photo block that already has a border around it, and then stitch the crystal photo onto the collage border.

A photo block in portrait format is nice because it allows you to change your collage based on the type of subject in the portrait. For example, if you are making a collage of kids, then you could stitch a photograph of a child on the front page, and a portrait of their best friend on the back page. Or you could create a collage of different pictures of your children and place them on the front page and the back page. You could then choose a favourite picture from each page and create a page full of photographs in this format. The crystal photo will be a beautiful embellishment to any wall of this kind.

Another great idea for your crystal photo gift is to place it inside a beautiful frame. This is the best way to display a collage of your photos because it not only shows off the photographs, but it also allows you to change the photo as often as you want. To place your photo on the glassine box, simply take your photo and slide it inside the box. If you wish to change the angle or size of the photo, then simply remove the photo inside the box and re-frame it. You will have saved yourself quite a lot of money using this method!

Finally, one more place where you could use your crystal photo block is on a necklace, bracelet or any other piece of jewelry that you would like to display. Again, simply take your favorite photograph and place it on the back of the piece. Then simply place your laser engraving marker on the back of the photo. When you take your photo out of the box, simply place it back into the laser engraving marker and it will appear again, adding even more life and meaning to your gift!